Zempire Pocket Rocket Utility Tent

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Extremely popular, this Pocket Rocket Utility Tent from Zempire features a 2.3 metre peak height and 12.7mm fibreglass poles, allowing it to be tall enough and strong enough to have a shower without crouching. Silver coated fabric provides total privacy, whilst a busy sign lets people know when its occupied.
Used as a shower or toilet tent the Pocket Rocket packs some great features, including upper vents to allow humid air to escape to help minimise condensation build-up, an integrated ‘Busy Sign’ that can be displayed through a clear PVC window to let other users know when the shelter is occupied, a waterproof towel protector panel to keep your towel dry when using the Pocket rocket as a shower and a hanging storage shelf providing easy access storage to help keep essentials handy and things neat and tidy.
A full head height interior allows you to move comfortably around the generous amount of space inside the Pocket Rocket – the shower/toilet tent of superheroes!


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