VANGO Footprint for Icarus 500 Deluxe Tent, BLACK/GRY

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Designed to protect against small tears and holes from stones and rough, uneven ground, the Vango Icarus 500 Deluxe Tent Footprint will prolong the life of your tent over many happy summers.It will cover the entire floor area of the tent, and is very easy to remove and clean on your return from camp. (It’s slightly larger than the footprint for the 2011 version of the Icarus 500, to accommodate for the increased floorplan area)It also keeps the rest of the tent clean when you’re packing away as without the footprint the tent will be wrapped up together with the wet and dirty groundsheet as it is attached at all times.Marks out the position clearly when pitching the tent Keeps the tent clean when pitching Protects sewn-in groundsheets from stones, thorns, etc. Can be folded up relatively small allowing it to be cleaned easily once home 100% PE construction is hardwearing and easily washable


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