The North Face Women’s Dryzzle FUTUReLIGHT Pants


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When the wet weather rolls in, you’ll want to be wearing TNF’s FUTUReLIGHT™ Pant. Fully waterproof and highly breathable, they protect against wind and rain while maintaining a comfortable internal temperature, perfect for active outdoor use. Long side zips make them quick and easy to don, articulated knees aid mobility and reinforced kick patches add durability. For the ultimate all-season outfit, pair with The North Face’s Dryzzle FUTUReLIGHT™ Jacket.FUTUReLIGHT™ is made with a Nanospinning process. The Nanospun fibres create Nano-level holes to allow for impressive porosity while still maintaining waterproofness, letting air move through the garment and provide more venting in the fabric than ever before. Through Nanospinning, weight, stretch, breathability, durability and construction can be adjusted, to achieve optimal activity-specific performance.


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