Regatta Mens Thermal Polycotton Baselayer Long Johns White

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The Regatta long johns provide protection for the wearer’s legs when exposed to the cold conditions and make a real difference as typically most people would not layer their bottom half even in the cold. When you wear these workwear long johns your legs will feel warm and dry no matter what the weather is doing. The key to keeping warm in cold challenging conditions is layering your clothing so that more air is trapped between the clothes and therefore less heat is dissipated. Base layers are the perfect foundation for any workwear user as soon as autumn draws to a close and the cold air starts to creep in. Use these base layer long johns under your trousers and in combination with the thermal bases layer body wear Regatta produce to make sure you are fully protected., Fabric weight 220g/m2, Lightly brushed for maximum comfort



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