Outdoor Revolution Endurance Storm Straps (Pair)


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Last updated: 2021-11-21 03:30:17

This pair of reflective adjustable tensioning straps will provide your awning with additional stability throughout adverse weather conditions, being quick and simple to put in place.
Alternatively, these straps can be used to attach a drive away awning to your campervan or motorhome without the aid of a ‘DriveAway Kit’, by simply throwing the straps over the vehicle and pegging them out.
Easily attached to the corresponding anchor point loops on your caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent, the Endurance Storm Straps are attached through opening the buckled loop end on each strap, feeding it through the anchor point and clipping it shut.
To complete the look, each strap comes complete Outdoor Revolution’s signature branding.


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