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MSR have extended their All Season Tent range which has been engineered for extreme conditions and challenging environments and as part of this exciting range they have developed the MSR Access 8482 1 Ultralight Tent which is an excellent four season freestanding solo tent The Access 8482 range features a design that is lighter than MSR s mountaineering tents and with more warmth and protection than their backpacking tents making them an ideal choice of tent for mountaineers split-boarders skiers winter tourers and winter camping enthusiasts MSR s new Easton reg Syclone 8482 poles have been used on the Access 8482 range which are unique to MSR tents and have been made from advanced composite materials which keep them incredibly lightweight yet strong flexible and virtually indestructible which is how MSR have kept the weight to a minimum with the Access 8482 1 weighing in at just 1 37kg while being able to stand up to high winds and heavy snow loads The fabrics used on the Access range are durable and offer full weather protection and warmth in cold weather and in snow conditions found at tree line which makes this backpacking style tent more suited to the colder weathers and harshest of mountain conditions The Access 1 has a unique unified central support frame and has been designed for one person but still has a large vestibule for storing and protecting your gear with a spacious and comfortable sleeping space even with enough head space to sit up comfortably making this a fantastic choice of lightweight tent for spending your time exploring the winter backcountry





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