Milestone Black Foldable Camping Kit 50kg Heavy Duty Trolley

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Milestone Black Foldable Camping Kit 50 Kg Heavy Duty Trolley is an indispensable piece of camping equipment for your camping trips. Features, wide off-road wheels that allow the transporter to be used along uneven and rough terrain coupled with built-in soft EVA handles that offer ultimate grip and stability when used in uneven terrain. Includes 2 elastic straps with a carabiner which acts to securely hold the load during transportation for your reassurance. An extended base gives you the ability to load and carry large items hence the Rafi transporter is flexible around you. Features and Specifications: Built from a rigid heavy-duty steel frame to carry heavy loads of up to 50Kg Compact, sturdy and lightweight design makes it perfect for outdoor recreational use and easy to transport Freestanding unit for easy and convenient storage Wide off-road wheels allow the transporter to be used in uneven and rough terrain The extended base provides for the transportation of large items Soft