Garmont Womens Dragontail MNT WMS Shoes – Blue

Last updated on July 13, 2024 6:36 am

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Garmont Womens Dragontail MNT WMS Shoes – Blue Properties:

They are made of thick Suede (durable genuine leather). Surrounded by a rubber reinforcement that protects the shoe from damage. They are characterized by the Alpine Tech cut designed for tourists who value the fit of the foot and precision while hiking.

They use Garmont Anatomically Directed Design (add) technology, which absorbs shocks and provides stabilization during hiking. This is due to the design of the shoe taking into account the anatomical structure of the foot (the shoe has an asymmetrical tongue adapted to the shape of the leg, giving comfortable space for the toes, a properly finished collar, special inserts at the ankle height, as well as lacing thanks to which the shoes fit snugly in every place).

Thanks to the Heel Lock technology adjusting the back of the shoe to the heel, they are stable, and the foot does not slip and stays in the same position all the time. Additionally, this system prevents blisters and chafing. The shoes fit well to the foot also thanks to the Lace-To-Toe Closure lacing system from the very tips of the toes.

They have a special Frame Flex Technology Lite stiffening insert, which increases the comfort of use. Thanks to that it is easier to bend the foot in the shoe in key places.

They have a Vibram® Q811 (SuperTrek) sole, thanks to which they have perfect grip on a variety of surfaces. (Vibram® is a specialized brand that produces shoe soles. Due to their exceptional durability and adhesion to the ground, they are often chosen by tourists, especially those who prefer mountain trips).

The shoes are very practical. Light, stable, they will also prove themselves during easier climbing or hiking with a load. Perfect for travelers who prefer lower boots instead of high mountain boots. They are reliable during every trip to the mountains!

Material: Suede Colour: Blue

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