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The Rally 200 brings all the benefits of the larger Rally awnings but in a more compact package. Those caravanners looking for an awning for weekend or touring use will find the Rally 200 quick and easy to set up, but don’t be fooled by its compact dimensions – it’s large enough for a small table and a couple of chairs whilst still allowing easy access to the caravan through the side doors.
An aluminium and fibreglass frame prevents corrosion in addition to lightening the load, with adjustable front legs ensuring stability with reliable performance and a perfect pitch every time. Most of the setup can also be done from outside the awning. Exceptionally light and easy to set up, the Rally 200 features Ultra-lightweight Weathershield™ 150D material with a rail weight of just 5.30kg.
A versatile space alongside your caravan is kept light and airy by large windows, with privacy blinds at hand when required. A generous 2.5 metres depth allows space to relax with flyscreen panels in the left and right doors providing additional bug free ventilation in warmer weather. The awning is Limpet™ ready – enabling the use of an optional Limpet fix system to attach to your caravan, whilst SabreLink™ readiness allows simple attachment of an optional SabreLink™ lighting system for a cosy evening ambience.
The profile of the Rally is more upright than other awnings of this type giving more front headroom and making more use of the available floor space. A highly recommended optional carpet and footprint are available, helping to bring the comforts of home to your caravan awning.


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