Campingaz Blue Party Grill® 400 Stove Bbq

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Campingaz Blue Party Grill� 400 stove BBQ.�Campingaz Party Grill 400 stove is the perfect camping companion with endless cooking options. This compact, portable stove offers a wide range of cooking options: stove top, grill, griddle, Plancha and a lid that double up as a wok. All elements of the Party Grill�400 can fit inside the device. Thanks to its detachable legs and lockable lid it is�easy to transport and store. The Party Gril�400 runs on conveniently sized Campingaz�cylinders. The�Piezo ignition�promises simple, match free lighting wherever you are, so you can get the party started. The Party Grill 400 is ultra-portable thanks to its lockable lid and it also comes with a handy carry bag. Features and Specifications: Compact, portable stove with a wide range of cooking options The Party Grill 400 runs on Campingaz cylinders Durable lid that doubles up as a wok Reversible griddle with non-stick coating Grill option Burner shield for better heat distribution Integrated pan