Berghaus Mens Seral Insulated Jacket

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An ultra-lightweight , stylish and weather beating jacket. The Seral is Berghaus’ perfect year-rounder.Punching far above its weight, which is only 490g (L), the Seral is packed with innovative technology and fabrics to ensure you stay warm, dry and comfortable whichever outdoor pursuit you choose.
Constructed from award winning Pertex Quantum fabric the Seral is durable and waterproof whilst staying extremely lightweight. This makes it ideal for vigorous outdoor activities. such as hiking and cycling. Underneath, each baffle is packed with Hydroloft Insulation, made from super fine fibres which mimic down, trapping body heat and retaining it at the core. Breathing effortlessly the Hydroloft allows the escape of internal moisture vapours, combine this with Pertex Quantum and you can tackle the outdoors in any conditions, staying warm and dry, inside and out. Two lower zipped pockets provides safe storage for essentials such as phones and keys.
Warm enough for a cold weather hike, and light enough to pack away for the descent.


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