Zempire Aero TM Pro Polycotton Air Tent

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The stunning PRO TC Series tents from Zempire share the innovative design of the PRO Series, but boast top of the range high performance and long lasting 200gsm 65/35 Polyester cotton fabric – designed to work and built to last!. The premium polycotton blend is soft to handle and provides enhanced breathability when it’s hot, eliminating condensation and keeping a comfortable atmosphere inside the tent. When cold windy conditions set in, the fabric provides Superior noise reduction and shields from the wind. These tents are designed to adapt to their environment, whatever the weather throws at you.Designed with couples in mind, the fully inflatable Aero TM comprises of a generous living, sleeping and awning areas, the latter featuring an innovative gullwing door arrangement with a tinted PVC panorama front door and roof skylights. Full head height throughout, the Aero TM Pro TC features angled pole corners, creating a feeling of space inside the tent and provides unrestricted access to all parts of the living area and easy access in and out of the bedrooms.The awning area up front provides a protected storage area, wet weather access when closed and a large open plan door when rolled away. The front tinted panorama windows offer privacy and weather protection without restricting the view. The Gullwing door can be used as individual entrances on either side, completely rolled away, or poled out with the included awning pole set for extra shade.The door into the main living area features a 360 zip which can be unzipped entirely and folded away neatly into a storage pocket. The door features a full mesh panel with internal cover allowing control of both ventilation and privacy within the living area and can also be toggled back half way when required. All weather doors on either side provide easy access directly into the tent and also allow airflow from one side to the other. Large tinted side windows combined with mesh airflow windows provide a number of privacy, light and airflow options. Lower protected vents provide air circulation at night and during poor weather, reducing condensation. During cooler temperatures mesh panels can be closed while tinted PVC panels remain open, keeping the tent warmer without restricting the view.The rear sleeping area sleeps three people with 67cm space per person. An additional storage area can be removed to make room for a fourth person. The bedroom is constructed from light diffusing fabric for a great nights sleep and features twin doors onto each dividable room. A row of storage pockets on living area side of the inner help keep things organised with webbing loops featuring to provide lanterns attachment points. Power cord access beside the rear room allows power cables to enter the tent without obstructing entrance ways.A luxury tent from Zempire, great to spend time in and around on the campsite with a premium build quality and feature list.


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