Wolf and Grizzly Cook Set

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Wolf and Grizzly Cook Set This nine piece kit has every meal covered. Pancakes, stir fry, pasta, soups and stews…the possibilities are endless. This nine piece kit transforms your WG Grill into a multi-surface cooking platform. The Cook Set rail system connects to the Grill frame, letting you mix & match cooking surfaces for maximum versatility. How Does It Work? Attach the rail system to your WG Grill frame and place your cook surfaces between the rails. The Cutting Board helps prep food and the Pot Gripper helps move hot surfaces. Specification WEIGHT: 1.86 KG (4.1 LBS) MATERIALS: 304 STAINLESS STEEL, BAMBOO WARRANTY: 1 YR LIMITED FUEL TYPE: CHARCOAL & WOOD Kit Contents 1. Storage bag 2. 2L pot 3. 2L pot lid 4. Griddle 5. Hibachi 6. Cutting board 7. Rail system 8. Pot Gripper 9. Microfibre cloth



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