Vango Radiate DLX Reclining Chair

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After a day walking, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors, there’s nothing better than a nice sit-down and relax around the campfire, now you can make that experience a whole lot better with a heated seat!
The new Radiate DLX Char from Vango incorporate a graphene heating element throughout the bottom pad and delivers cold-beating heat in 4 different settings thanks to the touch thermostat on the side of the chair. The heat can be delivered once connected to a power bank or other power source, and the Radiate even offers a handy storage pouch under the thermostat for a power bank to fit.
Utilised the new premium Radiate Heather fabric, its soft to the touch and extremely durable offering longevity and comfort. Sitting atop a durable and sturdy steel frame, you can be sure the Radiate is built to last! A movable headrest can substitue as additional lumbar support by simply sliding it down the backrest with ease.
Be the envy of a chilly campsite with the Radiate DLX Chair from Vango.



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