Vango Azura II 600XL Air Tent


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The Azura II 600XL is a great air tent with family camping in mind, designed with a villa construction featuring near upright vertical walls to truly maximise useable space and height.
Aesthetically stunning, this quick pitching family tent features Vango’s new Sentinel Dura fabric providing a 4,000mm HH and peace of mind that the Azura will stand up to the elements. Peace of mind that the large structure can perform in adverse weather is reassured in the form of Vango’s patented TBS® II system, combined with front and rear storm anchors.
A built-in front awning creates additional enclosed space at the front of the tent that can be used for socialising or storage, whilst the double sectioned living area provides plenty of space for relaxing with the family. A useful side entrance makes for versatile entry – ideal for family camping.
Large clear windows keep the interior light whilst providing a great view out and toggled curtains offer privacy when needed. The tent is comfortable too, with an AirZone ventilation system helping to regulate temperature by providing a circulation of fresh air to reduce condensation.
Capable of sleeping 6 persons, queen bedrooms offer a generous 60cm per person sleeping area and feature new darker midnight fabric to aid a great night’s sleep. A wider entry to the bedrooms coupled with a no step over design allows clear access.
Enjoy your family camping adventure this season with the sophisticated Azura II 600XL Air tent from Vango, with all the luxury features you will need and plenty of room for all the family.


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