Vango AirHub Hexaway II Tall Motorhome Awning


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You’ll love spending time with friends and family in the Vango AirHub Hexaway II Tall, creating that home from home feeling in a perfect living room style space for your motorhome. All space available can be used thanks to the unique Vango hexagonal design and featuring a single beam with 3 valve options, the AirHub Hexaway II Tall is fast and easy to inflate and deflate.
The awning can be left free-standing by simply rolling the connecting tunnel away if you’re off exploring for the day. The AirHub Hexaway II Tall has an attachment height of 245 – 295cm and has been designed for fitment to large motorhomes.
The versatile connecting tunnel has two doors for convenient access to the front or rear of your vehicle and alternating diamond clear and mesh windows provide a bright and airy environment whilst allowing air to circulate to increase ventilation and keep things comfortable.
Other stand out features include a SkyTrack® System, that can be used to attach optional lighting, tidy cables or even hang additional storage units to personalise your space, whilst a flat entry groundsheet is features for ease of access.


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