Snow Peak Titanium Trek 900

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Our most popular titanium backpacking cookset, the lightweight Trek 900 is made to stow a 250g fuel canister and a GigaPower stove ( *Not yet available in the UK) , or a Trek 700, and fits inside the Trek 1400. Specifications: Material: Titanium Weight: 6.2 oz (175g) Dimensions: Pot: D 4.75″ H 4.25″ Frying Pan: D 5″, H 1.5″ (Pot: 120*107mm, Frying Pan: 127*39mm) Contents Include: Titanium Pot and Lid with Mesh Bag Capacity: 30 fluid oz Size Stowed: D 5″ H 5.5″ (130*140mm) Features: A two person set that can nest the Trek 700 with a fuel canister and a gigapower stove. Titanium is incredibly light and strong, plus it is corrosion-resistant and has no metallic smell or taste.



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