Snow Peak Stainless Kitchen Table

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SKU: 2298100008755898

Introducing The Stainless Steel Kitchen Table: a fully modular, multi-level, Iron Grill Table compatible shelf, system hanger and tabletop that seamlessly meshes with your existing assortment to help you build the most versatile, expansive, and creative outdoor camp kitchen yet. Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 35.2 lbs (16kg) Dimensions: L 3.8′ W 1.7′ H 3.6′ (1,175 x 545 x 1,100 (h) mm) Contents Include: Right frame, left frame, upper frame, lower frame, connection piece x 16, table top x 2 Size Stowed: L 3.9′ W 1.6′ H 4.7″ (1,200 x 515 x 120 (h) mm) *Note: This unit comes with two Tabletops but can fit an additional Tabletop sold separately. To build out stoves and inserts, you must purchase an IGT Connector which then allows you to insert an IGT Four Unit Frame within the length of the Stainless Kitchen Table.



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