ROBENS The Coulee II Twin Sleeping Bag, BROWN

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Roben’s Coulee II Twin Sleeping Bag is a 3-4 season sleeping bag built for all night comfort and now you get the chance to share it with your significant other because after all who doesn’t like to share a camping experience with loved ones. You can get cosy and cuddle up thanks to its double sleeping bag design however there is enough space for you to feel like you are able to sleep comfortably with room to move. A durable, ultra soft outer 100% brushed cotton lining covers a premium Isofill filling to ensure the very best of camping comfort giving you a premium feel that you don’t normally expect from such a durable outdoor sleeping bag. The warmth is provided by the Micro Thermo High Loft filling keeping you warm as the cold nights roll in. For warm nights where you want to sleep separately you can fully unzip the bag to create two twin duvets to give you a more traditional sleeping experience and gives you the ability to manage your own temperature without the need to take additional sleeping gear with you. Sleep in comfort with a versatile sleeping bag, the perfect mix between comfort and technical specifications.


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