Quest Atlantic Chest 3 Way Fridge


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This large capacity chest fridge is constructed from premium quality materials, featuring a stainless steel housing and an attractive polished stainless steel finish.
A large 41 litre capacity means that there is plenty of room for items inside and the chest fridge can be used in three different ways. It can be used with bottled gas, 12v (car cigarette lighter) or mains (240v) electric. It features a high quality piezo ignition system when used with bottled gas.
Cooling more than 25 degrees below the ambient temperature, the chest fridge comes complete with ice cube trays and can easily fit multiple 2 litre bottles inside. It features a low noise absorption system so it runs quiet.
Please Note: It is recommended to use only 100% propane, or 100% butane gas with this fridge. If you use LPG or any mixed gas, the higher oil content in these gases can cause issues and your fridge will require more regular servicing. Requires (not supplied) a hose and regulator before using with bottled gas.


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