QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad, Ultra Comfortable Flex Foam Side Sleep Friendly 4 Inches Thick Camping…

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QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress, Ultra Comfortable Side Sleep Friendly 4 Inches Thick Sleeping Pad, 80″ × 28″ (Single)/52″ (Double), Portable Roll-Up Floor Guest Bed

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No Need Air Pump/Mouth to Inflate the Mattress
R-VALUE is 9.5, Keep You Warm in Temperatures down to -54 degrees F
CLOUD-LEVEL COMFORT EXPERIENCE – The mattress can be up to 4 inches thick when inflated, soft and comfortable, and the side sleeper can also get a comfortable experience. Lying on the mattress can experience the softness like lying on the clouds. The softness of the mattress can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of inflation to meet your ideal need for sleep.
LARGE SIZE BUT EASY STORAGE – The mattress size is 80″×28″, providing enough space for 1 person. The interior of the mattress is composed of PU foam and a certain gap, and weighs 7.5 pounds, so it is not suitable for backpacking or short-distance light travel. However, due to the inflatable design of the mattress, it can be compressed and folded to a more suitable size for storage and carrying. Compared with the traditional memory foam mattress, it is more space-saving and lightweight
PATENTED VALVE & DUAL-USE BAG – The mattress valve adopts a patented two-way valve, which realizes one-way ventilation, avoiding the trouble of continuous influx of external air into the folding when the mat is folded. The storage bag that comes with the mattress is also an inflatable bag. You can use the bag to inflate the mattress to increase the efficiency of inflating the mattress. No air pump or mouth is needed to inflate the mattress.
SLEEP ANYWHERE YOU WANT – Whether you are a camping fan or a hospitable person who often has guests at home, this mattress can perfectly meet your needs. If you love family camping or traveling by car, he will bring you home-like comfort and help you relieve the fatigue of the journey. If there are frequent visitors in your home, then he will make your guests fall in love with the feeling of sleeping on it.
FOUR SEASONS COMFORT – Designed for 4 season comfort, the R-value of this mattress is 9.5 so that it can keep you warm no matter in winter or summer night. This mattress can resist heat loss from it benefit from high R-value provided by its TPU material. Give you a comfortable and warm experience with it!
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