Outwell Woodburg 7A Air Tent


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This 7 person air tent combines all the quality features you would expect from an Outwell tent with a generously spacious interior and plenty of room for all the family.
A choice of where to put the third bedroom offers flexibility on sleeping arrangement, so you can keep younger kids close or provide extra privacy for older children or friends. The Woodburg 7A itself accommodates up to seven persons comfortably and features darkened premier bedrooms with a versatile 360° access system.
The tent is well laid out and perfectly suited to family camping, with three zones providing a wet room, dry living room and bedroom. The front inner can be used as versatile storage as an alternative to an extra bedroom.
The living room has flexible access including an additional side door and is a light and airy place to relax thanks to the light, warm-toned flysheet roof creating a bright, cheerful internal ambience. Large tinted windows reduce glare and toggle up curtains offer up privacy when needed.
A rear ventilation system offers flexible options for regulating internal temperature and fresh air flow, with double zips allowing full front opening, backed by a full mesh panel for an insect-free environment.
Flexible family camping doesn’t get much better than the spacious Woodburg 7A Air Tent from Outwell.


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