Outwell Reddick 4A Air Tent


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The Outwell Reddick 4A Air tent is a great choice for touring holidays thanks to its quick pitching time and compact pack size. The Outwell Rigid Air Frame System inflates in just a few minutes and the Outwell Lite Pegging System makes pitching a breeze, leaving you with more time to enjoy your break.
Practical and stylish, the Reddick has a long list of quality features for you to enjoy. Premier bedrooms offer a comfortable darkened sleeping space and full stand up height featuring a versatile 360° access system and mesh storage pockets for your essentials.
Steeper sides to the living area maximise useable internal space, including lots of headroom, negating the need to duck! A light, warm-toned flysheet roof creates a bright, cheerful internal ambience whilst large tinted windows reduce glare and ensure privacy, further enhanced by toggle up curtains.
Ventilation is excellent throughout the tent and the side entrance features a rainsafe doorway and canopy that is useful in wet weather, preventing puddles from running inside.
For added practicality, the flysheet and inner feature cable entry points with cable attachment points neatly routing electrics for safety.


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