Outdoor Revolution Movelite Canopy Retro Connector


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This innovative Movelite Canopy Retro Connector permits the direct attachment of the Movelite Canopy or PC Canopy to your campervan or caravan. Quick and easy to attach, this clever connector when used in conjunction with the Movelite Canopy creates a large covered utility space, where you can comfortably relax alongside your vehicle during adverse weather conditions, with complete protection against the elements.
This connector is a also perfect for use in creating a temporary area for unwinding after a long evening, when you may be reluctant to immediately pitch your Movelite awning (when used in conjunction with the Movelite Canopy).
A fantastic addition to your Movelite Canopy, brilliantly expanding its scope of usage.
Please Note: Movelite Canopy Retro Connector only. Movelite Canopy shown in lifestyle images for direct fitment illustration.


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