Olight Torch Holster Option

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Baton 3 Holster: Apply for baton 3 kit and baton 3 kit limited editions.”,”M2R Pro Holster: Olight Tactical Holster built for M2R Pro, also fits Seeker 2 and Seeker 2 Pro.”,”Warrior X Pro Holster: Apply for warrior x pro in any colour.”,”S1 Holster: Holster designed for S1R Baton II, Perun mini, S1R, and H1R”,”M2R Holster: Holster for M2R, M2T, S30RIII, H2R”,”S2 Holster: Holster specifically built for the Olight S30RIII, S2R I, S2R II, H2R, and Baton Pro torches.”,”Seeker 3 Pro Holster: Apply for Seeker 3 Pro, Warrior 3 and Warrior 3S. “,”Warrior X Turbo Holster: Apply for Warrior X Turbo


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