Olight SRPL-7 Pressure Switch for PL-3R

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Powerful torch & long throw torch. Featuring an 800-meter spotlight beam and a 14,000-lumen floodlight beam. A typical Search and Rescue Torch.”.”A simple toggle switch to select either spotlight torch or floodlight torch; an intuitive rotary knob switch to turn on the light and circle through 7 output levels.”.”Built-in 54Wh rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, ensuring up to 59 hours of runtime. Only take 2.5 hours to fully charge. Able to charge a phone, a pad, or any device that uses a USB-C power source.”.”Safest in its class as it has a thermal sensor, a proximity sensor, and cooling fins to protect against overheating and obstruction.*Please note: No wall adapter is included with the Marauder 2, we recommend using a minimum 18W USB-C PD adapter, but the Marauder 2 will take up to 30W.


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