Olight Clip for Olight Torches

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Perun Mini Clip: for Perun Mini torch.I3T Clip: for i3T/i3T Plus torch.i5T Clip: for i5T / i5T Plus / i5R.Baton 3 Clip: for Baton 3 / Baton 3 Premium Edition torch.S2R Clip: for the S2R Baton II.S1R Clip: for the S1R BATON II, S1 Mini Baton.Baton 3 Pro Max Clip: for the Baton 3 pro max.Warrior Mini 2 Clip: for the Warrior Mini 2.Warrior 3s Clip: This clip is suitable for Warrior 3, Warrior 3S, Perun 2, Freyr, and M2R Pro.Baton 3 Pro Clip: for the Baton 3 pro Perun 2 Mini Clip: for Perun 2 Mini torch.


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