Nordisk Lofoten Race 2 Tent Tents

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The Lofoten is a revolutionary new invention by its design and simplicity. High level performance by use of the ultimate latest generation and development of components. New target are reached and standards set. Weight and packsize in a league of its own. Only 490 g race weight and a pack size of 11 x 22 cm ! The foundation is the ultra light and strong new aluminium poles, which are created with ultra short segment lengths and in materials and specifications to stand high level of pressure. The new 7d Nylon created by Nordisk is only 26 g/m2 with a threadcount of 580 still will perform and the 3 layer of silicone coating on each side ensuree high flexibility and a hydrostatic head of 1600mm. Enough to keep you dry. The new patented Nordisk Flex-rope Suspension System ensures high flexibility and durability and strength at the same time. The Lofoten can transform from a 1 person to a 2 person or the opposite. Pack Includes 5 pcs Nordisk Triple Twister Pegs 3 x 1.2 mm Dyneema guy rope 150 cm long w. Nordisk cord stopper 1 repair tube 5 pcs of Nordisk silicone o-rings 2 pcs of repair webbing with pole end cap 1 pcs 4-segment door-tarp pole 1 pcs NFSS The Nordisk Flex-Line Suspension System (NFSS) The latest innovation from Nordisk is a secure suspension system to balance flexibility and durability. Frequently the challenged and weak spot between 2-layer tents. NFSS is designed to assure the durability and flexibility when attaching the inner tent to the fly sheet. By combining lightweight components, small size and a very high resistance to tear and breakage, NFSS offers you all the benefits from a normal attachment solution plus the security, that you can continue till you are back home. NFSS provides you with an ultra strong solution that will not fail when you are out on the trail. The maximum break point of the elastic system is controlled by a clever new patented loop system in order to control balance point of flexibility with a brake via the built-in strong guy line. The flexible silicone ring cannot break, while the guy rope will remain intact and keep you going. The system allows for tailor made wishes and adjustments before going to the field in order to maximize for individual usage. You can reduce or increase the suspension system. The design of the Nordisk Flex Line System combines innovation, simplicity, durability and light weight in a new way. Measurements (Length x Width x Height) Flysheet: 250 x 125 x 80 cm Inner tent:220 x 85 x 70 cm Material Materials Flysheet:100% Nylon 26 g/m2 – 580 TC, Rip Stop, double side silicon 3 Layer Inner tent:100% Nylon, Rip Stop, breathable Floor:100% Nylon, Rip Stop, PU coated Water Column Flysheet: 1.600 mm Ground sheet: 3.500 mm Weight Race Weight: 490g (excl. packsacks and footend pole and bonus pack) Weight: 565 g Other information Packed size: 11 x 22 cm Guy Ropes: 1,2 mm, Dyneema / Reflective Poles: ULW Lite Alu / 7,5 mm / 1 main pole / 1 foot end pole / 1 tarp door pole Pegs: Nordisk tooth peg – Titanium 1 g – 5 pieces (Nordisk triple twister peg – Aluminium – 5 pieces in bonus pack)


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