Milestone Portable Lightweight Camping Gas Stove

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This fantastic portable gas stove is perfect for cooking while camping, on a fishing trip or at festivals. The stove is extremely lightweight and comes in a carry case making it portable and easy to carry around. The control panel is extremely simple to use, and allows you to adjust the heat level to various temperatures. A pressure sensitive safety system with an auto cut-off mechanism means the stove is not only super safe but ultra-reliable too. The�Electronic ignition means the stove can be lit instantly, and a wind breaker and air-cooling holes ensure maximum efficiency and performance. The camping stove requires a butane gas canister, which is not included. Features and Specifications: Portable Gas Stove-Full Safety Standard Certified Lightweight and Portable With Carry/storage case Stainless Steel Top Plate and Gas cartridge cover Lightweight, compact and portable design makes it perfect for camping, festival and outdoor cooking use This portable cooker is easy to use and