Meteor Junior Cycling Gloves – Blue

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Meteor Junior Cycling Gloves – Blue

Does your child love cycling? We present a product that will significantly improve the comfort of driving and help prevent the formation of corns on the delicate skin of the hands.

Meteor cycling gloves protect the most sensitive area of the hand. The inner part is made of a delicate, soft eco-leather. The material is supplemented with shock-absorbing foam inserts. The outer part is made of a soft material with a colorful print.

Thanks to the Velcro fastening, the gloves fit perfectly in the wrist and will not slip off while riding.

KIDS MAGIC gloves with the MV6-2 helmet are a perfect set for a small cyclist.



Polyester 40%,

Nylon 15%

Polyurethane 35%,

Elastane 10%

Size : (width of the glove folded flat – without the thumb / length of the glove)

JR XS: 7.5 cm / 10.5 cm;

JR S: 7.7 cm / 11 cm;

JR M: 8.1 cm / 12 cm

Dimensions and weight in the package:

JR XS: 17 x 14 x 2 cm / 32 g;

JR S: 17 x 14 x 2 cm / 32 g;

JR M: 17x14x2 cm / 34 g.

Note the size change

We standardize our sizes. The size on the label may differ from the ordered size. Try it on before you send it back.

XS is the new XXS

The S is the new XS

M is the new S.


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