HI-GEAR Pole Ferrule Repair Kit

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Replacement Ferrules x 5 – 7.9mm / 8.5mm / 9.5mm / 11mm / 12.7mmShock cord x 10 metresYou’ve had the tent a few years, it’s still good for another year but it needs a little TLC. Actually, now you come to think of it, didn’t the shock cord snap last year… As long the poles themselves are still sound you can fix them. All you need is this handy kit! Simply identify where the cord was tied in the broken section, remove it and then thread the new shock cord through, making sure to tie the other end in a double-knot so that it holds. Here’s How… Try to keep the cord as slack as possible by pulling the tautness through and tying it to something (or by keeping a tight hold). Slowly and carefully you can rethread your poles onto the new shock cord. It can be a little fiddly, especially if the end is frayed and so it may help to use a lighter to melt the end of the cord to prevent further fraying. If while you are doing this, you notice that the steel pole end (ferrule) is damaged, bent or has a serrated edge you can easily replace this at the same time.


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