Contain The Flame Premium Eco-Fire Starters 18 Box

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Contain The Flame Premium Eco-Fire Starters 18 Box
Why These Are Our Top Product:

Often brought for gifts/presents and sets throughout the year
Easy Light using Side Strips

Totally Waterproof
15+ Minute Burn Time
UK Made, in-house, by hand
Eco-Friendly, made using recycled FSC wood

Suitable For:

Wood/Coal/Multi fuel stoves
Open fires
Grills & Pizza Ovens
Outdoor fires

Our FireStarters are a must-have for any outdoorsman/woman, suitable for open fires, BBQs, fireplaces & stoves.
Clear instructions are set out on packaging instructions, including time until safe to cook on a bare flame.
Alternatively you can use a something like a frying pan and cook instantly!
Scents & Colours

Mixed Set – 1 of each or 3 of each
No Colour & No Scent
Green Jasmine
Yellow Vanilla
Blue Bubble-Gum
Orange Mango
Red Strawberries & Cream

These FireStarters can be used alongside any of our FireStarter products and are a great addition to a fireside or outdoorsman gear.

How To Use

Select safe place for fire
Light Eco-FireStarter using side strip and place gently into centre
Carefully add wood or coal ensuring FireStarter has room to breath
Enjoy fire

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