Campingaz Bundle Camping Cook Cv + Cv470 4-pack

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The Camping Cook CV stove is a great starter model for every camper. The robust cooker offers excellent performance and portability. As the hose and regulator are already firmly mounted, there is no need for a cumbersome and complicated assembly. All you have to do is connect the Easy-Click� Plus cartridge and you are ready to go. The two independently adjustable 1800W burners offer a powerful performance so that nobody has to wait long for the food. The�Campingaz Blue CV470 Plus Gas Cartridge 4 Pack�Cartridge with powerful butane/propane mix (80/20 percent), the propotion of propane offers an extra boost of power for boiling water even at -5 degrees Celsius Thanks to the safety valve you can operate devices from the following Campingaz ranges: Bleuet Micro, Twister, Lumogaz, Lumostar, Bivouac and Party Grill. Valve cartridges can be easily removed from the device, even if they have not been completely emptied. Ideal when you need to operate multiple devices with a single