Cadac Gas Cartridge Threaded Valve Cartridge 500g

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Butane/Propane gas mix cartridge, fitted with standard type EN417 threaded self-sealing safety valve. Suitable for use with CADAC’s Threaded Cartridge Regulators and Dual Power Pak to power Low Pressure (LP) barbecues. Can also screw directly onto a CADAC Safari Chef 30 HP (High Pressure) unit. Ideal for camping, fishing, hiking and trips to the beach for a lightweight, on-the-go gas option. Features and Specifications: Threaded Gas Cartridge 500g EN417 Self-Sealing Safety Valve Lightweight Disposable Option Dual Power Pak Compatible Threaded Cartridge Regulator Compatible Safari Chef 30 HP Compatible Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13cm Weight: 0.5kg